Autumn in My Yard

Autumn in My Yard
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Remembering Auction Times With Dad

My love of auctions began when my dad first took me as a little girl. I probably would have loved anything I got to do with Dad, but the auction was special. There was so much to see! Big pieces of furniture,  artwork, clothes, linens, books, music, carpets, tools, jewelry, postcards, dishes and other glass, silver, coins, antique dolls and toys. And a sense of excitement that filled the building along with the treasures.
I still thrill with anticipation on auction day. As I park in front of the huge log house, I find my thoughts leaping ahead.  What will be sold tonight? Will I find new treasures? Will my bidding strategy be successful? If I am out bid, will my disappointment be washed away by the fun of seeing who wins the bid for the item? Will 'all the regulars" be there tonight? Such an interesting array of people - but more about them another. 
At the last auction,  I found a box of sheet music that dated from 1880 to the '70's.  I am having a great time looking at it, remembering some form the past and deciding which ones to keep and choosing a few to share in my Etsy shop.  

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