Autumn in My Yard

Autumn in My Yard
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Quilter

I decided to share some of my quilt books and magazines in my Esty shop:

And while looking at my quilts, fabric and books and speaking to my good friend Lisbeth about our quilting adventures together, I mentioned maybe writing something here - she kindly gave me the following words - she is a writer as well as a quilter as you will see:

        "Making a quilt is joyous creative activity from start to finish.  You end up with a piece of beautiful art filled with your loving energy in which you can wrap a person.  You start with diving into your fabrics  to pull your "palette." 

"Usually there is a thought or an idea or an image that is like the seed you plant into the rich, nurturing ground  - and with love and tender care, watering, attention, a little green shoot springs up through the dirt to start its new life as a plant."

" The seed idea for starting the quilt can be very specific (the recipients favorite color or hobby or location or something you just associate with the person). And with the first inspiring thought, you start your treasure hunt through your stash of fabric. You touch    pieces and smile when you find a piece you had completely forgotten you had.  You take a piece that might be the right color and another that might symbolism the activity. And you just keep going until you have a wonderful pile of fabrics from which to choose.  

Sometime you use them all, sometimes you veer off in another directions. One piece draws you to the next piece either because there is something in the shape of the prints or the transitions of the colors or the blending of the motions. And piece by piece, the magnetic energy of the fabrics draw each other out of the pile and into their place.  When the pieces have all come together and the quilt is finished, the love moves through the quilt, drawing your eye through the pattern. Like that dry seed that grows to a strong and healthy plant. Like the joyous creation of life.

And...I loved it so much, I made an Etsy Treasury, too:

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