Autumn in My Yard

Autumn in My Yard
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My Etsy shop is full of lovely vintage items as are many other Etsy shops, as you will see in the links, and lately I started to think about why I am so drawn to the old and sometimes less than perfect objects. It may be the connection it gives to younger times and more carefree days.  I invited a life-long friend to share her thoughts about vintage things and past memories and this is the beginning of her story:

"When I was young, maybe 6, I came upon a treasure in the local toy store. The store was filled with wonderful and exciting treats.  Magic tricks and dolls and board games and books...."
from TheIDconnection
from dolloves
from ThingsYoullLoveNLife

"... Baseball gloves and science experiments in boxes complete with detailed instructions. Silly putty (in colored plastic eggs) and slinkies and packets filled with metal jacks and a small soft rubber ball. There were many shelves filled with lots and lots of stuffed animals. And for a dollar, you could get a surprise ball - yards and yards of crepe paper wound up to be about the size of a grapefruit..."  
from ReverieAndFancies

"As you unrolled the long, thin strips of ruffly paper, several little gifts fell out of the wrapping and dropped into your fingers.  You could stop unrolling at the sign of a gift, to marvel at your luck (or grumble at the stupidity of the item). Or you could unravel the paper ball as fast as possible to pile up all the little toys and trinkets, only to examine each of them in detail after the ball had released its whole trove and dissolved into a long pile of stretched and torn colored paper..."
from CharmiosHandmade

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