Autumn in My Yard

Autumn in My Yard
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Beyond Scrapbooking - Crafting - Creating With Paper is FUN!

There are so many moments in each and every day of our lives that we capture in memory, photos, letters, cards, email.  Events and moments filled with fun, happiness, poignancy, precious images or simple beauty.  We live those moments and want to be able to cherish them, share them and get some experience of them again and again.  
If you have boxes of  keepsakes and photos, old autograph books and falling apart photo albums -  scrapbooks will help preserve the cherished photos and memories and creating scrapbook pages is a lot of fun!
New England days are starting to get shorter, Fall is in the air and we are all turning our attention to more indoor time. The cooler crisper air always helps sharpen my thinking and creative process. I start to think of all the fun and cute projects, either for getting my holiday cards and gifts in process or just for decorating. And one of my favorite ways to spend time is crafting and making stunning things with paper! If I have the supplies handy, it is easy to create whether I just have a few minutes between other commitments or if I have a whole block of time devoted just to making beautiful gifts (some even for myself).

My Etsy friend, Nola makes these wonderful little dresses out of some of her papers:

And Etsy friend, Sheila has a charming array of handmade gift tags in her shop:

My Etsy shop has Scrapbook / Craft paper, How-To Books and Embellishments  - Be sure and check out the paper - Solids,  glittered, foiled, geometric, designer - paper and more paper!! 


  1. Lynne--YOU are the best!!! Love your little blog and I wish you success with it. Your shop--Closetfull--on Etsy is one of my all time favorites.
    Thank you for showing one of my many die cut DRESSES----I love to make them and everyone else seems to want then so we are all HAPPY!
    Love, Nola

  2. You know I am a BIG fan of you and all your shops!

  3. Hi!

    Found you through Mama Chei's blog!